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Aboriginal Artwork Canvas & Leather Satchel

Aboriginal Artwork Canvas & Leather Satchel
Aboriginal Artwork Canvas & Leather Satchel
Aboriginal Artwork Canvas & Leather Satchel
Aboriginal Artwork Canvas & Leather Satchel
This amazing canvas and leather messenger bag, has a superior finish, features gorgeous indigenous artwork and a comfortable canvas strap.

  • Quality workmanship
  • Quality findings - zipper and buckles
  • Main opening has a zipper
  • Gusseted base
  • Pockets feature zippers : Exterior, interior & interior small open
  • Adjustable canvas strap 3.5cm wide
  • When fully extended the strap measures 120cm
  • Heavy duty washed canvas
  • Hand painted by professional Indian artisans
  • Hand crafted and bespoke
  • The original Aboriginal Artist, whom painted the original artwork that the artisans reproduce in India onto the bag is paid ROYALTIES for her design.
  • Aboriginal Artists and the manufacturer are members of the Indigenous Art Code, which protects them.
  • The artwork on the bag that has been reproduced was originally painted by Jessica Skeen McKinnon (Muralappi)
  • Fully lined interior
  • BESPOKE - every bag is unique and no two can ever be the same
  • Natural leather
  • Durable and soft, designed to give a distressed look with age
  • Colours vary slightly and are sold on an as is basis, due to it's natural form
  • Measures approx:34cmL x 25cmW x 11cmDeep
  • Care LEATHER- Remove dirt by gently vacuuming using the brush attachment. Add a few drops of mild non-detergent soap like dove to distilled water to use as a cleaning solution. Moisten a microfiber cloth with this mix and test in a inconspicuous spot, to make sure no changes occur to the leathers colouring.  Work from the top to the bottom of your panels. Then dampen another cloth with plain distilled water and wipe over the entire piece of leather panelling to remove any residue.  Dry with a clean paper towel. NEVER store your leather bag when wet, always allow plenty of time for it to dry out, as we all know leather will go mouldy if stored when wet.
  • Note: Please be aware that all leathers over time develop a distressed look, and colour variations are part of the ageing process. Pull-Up leather scratches and over time it will get a stunning antiqued finish, and will develop a shine with use, as do all natural leathers.

About the original artist: Jessica Skeen McKinnon (Muralappi)

Jessica’s started painting when she was six, as her family have a long lineage of artisans, and her style represents her strong bond and family ties.

Jessica's Father has been her greatest inspiration and his passion has inspired her, as he is an expert craftsman, whom creates tools used for Aboriginal Rituals and hunting. Jessica hopes one day her two small children will follow in their footsteps, as they will have wonderful teachers, whom will hand down their knowledge.

Jessica a proud Burri Gubba and Kuku Thaypan woman from North Queensland.

“Muralappi” in Indigenous Language means “youngest of my generation.”

Jessica has taught children in schools, local councils and Indigenous Cooperatives are  about Aboriginal culture as well as holding workshops.

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