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Where did the title "Man Cave" originate?

Where did the title "Man Cave" originate?
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Recently I was wondering when did the first reference of the words "Man Cave" appear, as we throw the phrase around everyday here in the Maxwell + Campbell stores, in advertising and signage. To my surprise it only originated in 1992.  Prior to that as kids, we would have probably referred to it as Dad's shed, Dad's garage or even down the back in the Dad's tool shed, as my beloved Mother called it.

The first known use of the modern phrase, "Man Cave" was by Joanne Lovering on March 21, 1992, in the newspaper the Toronto Star. 

"With his cave of solitude secured against wife intrusion by cold floors, musty smells and a few strategic cobwebs, he will stay down there for hours nestled in very manly magazines and open boxes of tools. Let's call the basement, man cave."

Furthermore the publication in 1993 of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus really cemented it in our urban language, worldwide.


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